Energy Intuitive; Co-creator; Channeler

I believe that we all have a "home" frequency that resonates with pure, unconditional love, sacred joy, and our divine truth of being. Each one of our unique vibrational energies, when attuned to this "home" frequency, has the power to resonate in co-creative harmony inside The Frequency of One...the whole of the whole. From this place of resonance, we become masters of our own destinies. We become manifestation in motion.

One of my gifts, inside of The Frequency of One, is in helping you awaken to and fully step into your own innate gifts and talents and into this truth of being.

I connect through my highest and best guides to your highest and best guides to help bring clarity and insight into your current circumstance and help lead you to the light of the magnificent potential of your soul self as made manifest through your physical

Be-ing, on this planet and at this time.

Whether through an intuitive reading, meditation, or energy healing work, I look forward to empowering you to become the brilliantly beautiful light that only you can be. 



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When you schedule a session with Jenny, you understand and agree that she is not a doctor, medical expert, or an attorney. She cannot provide a medical diagnosis or give legal counsel.

The services that Jenny offers are not to be used in place of professional medical advice or treatment, or professional legal counseling. You make your personal decisions freely and Jenny will not, under any circumstances, be held responsible for any decisions you make as a result of your session (reading, energy healing, guided meditation) with her.


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